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so i got a new router from microcenter for free with a coupon i got in the mail. first thing i thought was "oh man, i could use this to extend the range of my wireless network." so i've spent most of today trying to figure out how to make it so that this thing will properly broadcast my network and whatnot but i've run into some difficulties

firstly it's a router, not a switch. so i disabled DHCP right off the bat. i've been told that i have to plug my old router into this one in any of the ports but the internet port on it. so i did that and it wasn't getting assigned an IP address, it was at and i couldn't do anything to change it, no connection was getting through. so i connected it to the internet port and BAM, it worked fine.
so now it's acting like a switch like i wanted it to, the internet loads just fine through it if i have a wired connection, however if i try to connect to it wirelessly it seems to not give out an IP address to whatever is connecting to it. so it's acting like a switch if the devices are plugged in, but i already have a switch for that, the point of this is to extend my wireless network but it's failing at it.
i've tried following a couple of guides like this one
but i still have the same problem where a wired connection works, but i wireless one doesn't.
anyone got any ideas as to how i could fix this problem?

by the way, the router is a Tenda, model no: W268R
all security is currently disabled (don't worry, i live i a rural area, closest house to mine is about a half mile away and the closest street is about four hundred yards away, so i don't really have to worry about someone stealing my connection)
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    did you change the LAN IP to match your main router's IP scheme?

    if you main router's IP is set the new router's LAN IP to

    the two routers new to use the same IP schemes for the wireless to work.
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  3. thank you so much that worked like a charm. i'm no longer able to connect the internet to the WAN/internet port on the back of the router (which means that it worked). now i can access this thing wirelessly with no problems.
    could you give me some insight as to why that worked? it seems like if there was an ip conflict i wouldn't have been able to connect to the internet at all. i tried changing the lan ip to (just to make it different from what it was before) and it didn't work at all, but when i set it to it worked just fine.
    so why would it block the wireless but not the wired connections? that seems really odd to me.
  4. your main router's DHCP range seems to start at and assigned to the first device that had originally connected based on its MAC address.

    therefore, whatever info was coming from your wireless was ignored.

    the wireless connection needs a IP to route traffic and the wired connection works like a simple switch which does not require a IP.
  5. u could have just left it at dhcp and connect to the wan port from the begining u would also get wireless , only on a different ip ......
  6. my router disagrees with you on that point sir
  7. mckinnley said:
    my router disagrees with you on that point sir

    yes it will disagree if u haven't done a 30-30-30 reset but all this is water under the bridge
    if u have it working ...cheers
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