Different types of RAM in the same motherboard, can this be achieved?

Before you ask, yes, i have looked at other threads that address this problem, but i find them too confusing to follow and doesn't really address my issue specifically.

A while ago i bought some "cheap" DDR3 RAM, when at the time it cost £75 for 4GB.
2 x RAM-313332 Novatech 2GB (1x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Single Channel Kit
@ GBP 32.33 each (Ex Vat)

Nowadays, it is much cheaper and i am looking to upgrade to this:

I have two memory banks, will it be okay to have my old ones in one bank, and the new ones in another or will this cause problems due to the different speeds?

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  1. don't recommend mixing RAM, it might work but most of the time it won't. If it cheap buy in pair.
  2. yeah but no point wasting perfectly working 4gb RAM
  3. NO If its a DDR2 Motherboard you can only use DDR2 Ram, im not sure if DDR3 Is backwards compatible but i Highly recommend to not mix Ram, it may damage your computer.
  4. Nono, old ram is DDR3
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