Problem with pci motherboard sabertooth z77 ( first pci )

first pci slot motherboard sabertooth z77 is problem ( if the image does not put the graphic card after 15 minutes ) the other pci are healthy

help mi please ....
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    Could you post details of your graphics card as well please.

    And to check, your problem is:
    The graphics card does not provide an image in the first PCI (express?) slot, while it works fine in the other PCI (express?) slots.
    And by "first" you mean the top one
  2. hello
    yes Correct

    after 15 minutes of black screen and must be restart

    test :

    graphic 1 : asus gtx 570 dc2

    garphic 2 : afox 430

    wiht two graphics test

    pics :
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