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Flashing black bars across monitor? (W/Screenshot)

Hey guys. Lately I've been having this problem with my monitor (or Graphics card, not quite sure at this point) in which there are flashing black bars going across the screen, and I could really use some help. The problem persists usually about every other day, but it has never been quite as bad as this before. Attached and at the bottom of this post is a screenshot of the monitor with the black bars.

I've noticed that this happens more frequently when I play games such as Team Fortress 2 on Steam. The black bars would actually usually start at that point, and I would even find blue pixels laying in spots across the screen at some times. After playing for about an hour the game/screen would either start flickering or a message will pop-up stating, "Input Signal out of range".

I have a second monitor that doesn't have this problem at all, and this all started after I had returned from vacation in Mexico.

Steps I've taken
-Reinstalled and Reverted to old NVIDIA drivers
-Checked for new monitor drivers
-Checked monitor resolution and attempted using the monitor at a refresh rate of 59Hz/s
-Checked and unplugged/replugged monitor cables.

Also, a note: While in some programs (such as Firefox, Office, or Chrome) the black bars seem to have stopped. But going back to the desktop and they're still flashing.

Thanks in advance for any help.

HP 2709m LCD Monitor
Core i7 920, @2.66Ghz (Not OCd atm)
750W PSU

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  1. GPU on idle:
    GPU in-game:
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    I saw that you "Checked and unplugged/replugged monitor cables. "

    If this is a VGA cable then I'd check again. (If it's DVI then it shouldn't cause this kind of bar). Pulling the cable off both the PC and Monitor then putting back on is a good idea. See if wiggling the cable makes things happen.

    Nice card & nice PC & nice monitor.

    If you are using VGA cable then I'd go get a decent DVI cable and see if the problem disappears. (DVI cable bypasses the RAMDAC in the video card and bypasses analog processing in the monitor. These lines look analog to me.... nice screenshot)

    Aside: Does your gtx275 have two Two Dual Link DVI ports on the back like the reference model? If so will the card run if you move the cable from one socket to the other ?
  3. Thanks for posting. The cables are DVI, and I've tried removing/unplugging and replugging them multiple times (just for safety).

    The video card does have two DVI slots in the back - I'll try switching the slots between the monitors and see if the problem persists.

    Okay. So, I switched the two slots, and very interestingly noticed that the problem has stopped on this monitor for now...which is interesting because I've already unplugged and replugged the cable. I'm still thinking it'll come back, but for now, it seems like a fix for the problem.

    Thanks a lot for your help, it was a clever idea.
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