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Could I play Call of Duty: 2 With a Radeon 6850?

Steam said that Call of Duty: 2 won't support the 6850, but I'm pretty sure that it is better then the GTX 560Ti, here are the "Supported Chipsets"

Supported Chipsets

ATI Radeon 8500
ATI Radeon 9000
ATI Radeon 9200
ATI Radeon 9500
ATI Radeon 9600
ATI Radeon 9700
ATI Radeon 9800
ATI Radeon X300
ATI Radeon X550
ATI Radeon X600
ATI Radeon X700
ATI Radeon X800
ATI Radeon X850
nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra
All nVidia GeForce 3/Ti Series
All nVidia GeForce 4/Ti Series
All nVidia GeForce FX Series
All nVidia GeForce 6 Series
Recommend nVidia GeForce 7 Series or higher

Do you think that I could run CoD:2 with my graphics card, or do I need a different one?
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  1. A Radeon HD 6850 will have no problem running a DX9 game released from back in October 25, 2005.
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    Those are all old cards, they haven't updated the list.
    I'm sure you could run all the currently released CoD games including black ops with that card.
  3. There's no mention of SLI or CrossFireX but I was running Call of Duty 2 back in early 2008 on two GeForce 8800 GTS 512 in 2-way SLI mode with no problems, it just runs smoother.
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