450W Psu to run a HD5850

Hi everybody, I'd like to change my graphic card to a better one.
I have FSP 450w ATX-450PNR psu and my system is;
E8400 3.0ghz
Msi p45t c51
2x2 GB Ocz ram
2x7200 hdd

Details of the psu.
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    That PSU is only capable of producing 336watts.A 5850's total system power draw is around 300watts.Technically it would work but I wouldn't trust it.I suggest getting a new PSU,one that you can rely on.
  2. I think so but i don't wanna get new psu, if this is true i can use it i guess;
  3. you can use it..but i dont think you will get high FPS in games
  4. It's your choice but just know that if a device is asking for more power than the PSU can supply it could ruin many things.It could explode only destroying the PSU or it can take the GPU and other componets with it when it goes.
  5. Okey, i'm thinking what can i do thanks for answers.
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