BSoD while playing games

I have an nvidia 8800 gts, windows 7 64 bit, intel core 2 quad q6600; I just updated the display drivers and now I get BSoD in the middle of a pc game, weird static textures across screen while playing a pc game and then a black screen or a crash, youtube and other streaming videos have scratchy sound when in fullscreen, and I will get a pc crash where the monitor no longer gets a signal. I have tried rolling back the driver to the previous one and the problem persists. I have tried 4 other driver versions and the problem is the same throughout. I don't think it is the drivers but rather the GPU itself? What could this be?

Also how do I start in safe mode with a usb keyboard? Seems like dos doesn't recognize my keyboard at the safe mode selection screen.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. Try reinstalling the old drivers since BSOD didn't happen until after you updated your drivers.
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