WilU suffice?


This is the PSU i'm looking at now.

as far as i know, a good PSU is determined by its 12V rail which is 38A, enough for the system i am running

GTX 460
Phenom II X6 1055T 1.3v
GA M720 US3

1 hard drive (not sure which, but i wouldnt think it matters too much)
2 sticks of 2GB RAM
one extra fan (on top of the GPU, CPU and PSU fans)

Will i be able to run these without problem?

Edit: sorry about the title, it messed up somehow,
it was supposed to say 'will this PSU suffice?'
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  1. It's got some problematic reviews on other retailer sites (Amazon). Honestly you won't need more than 525W with that system (475 if you don't plan on doing much upgrading). Try this one. More expensive yes, but it's a reputable brand and it has some good ratings to back it up.
  2. More than enough.
  3. ChosterF said:

    as far as i know, a good PSU is determined by its 12V rail

    That's only part of it, and 38 amps on 650w psu does not come close to being considered good

    Read the stickies
  4. I would STAY AWAY from bargain basement PSU's like that. What makes a power supply good is not always its stats, but the quality of its components. Buying a cheaply made power supply is the easiest and quickest way to torch the expensive components. That being said 650 watts on a quality PSU (antec, corsair, seasonic) will be more than enough.
  5. There are 450 W psu's with stronger 12v rails. I can't readily find information on the maker of that PSU, which is a good sign its not one that you want to get.
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