My CPU's fan broke off

I was fiddling around in my PC while it was up and running when a cable got in the way of the CPU fan and it broke off.
I'm keeping it stable at about 45 C for now by putting an extra fan on the heat sink and not doing anything process-heavy. It looks like this:

The fan is however still operable. When I place the fan in the heat sink it seems to be ready to spin, it is magnetized by the inductor as should be and it might give it a spin or two, but I believe it gets stuck on the heat sink.

I was hoping there was a way to reattach the fan and make it actually spin. It doesn't really pop in, it just hangs there so even if it moved it would probably fly right off, probably why it just makes a few spins and then stop, it gets out of balance and gets stuck.

In case it helps you identify it, some pics of the heat system (from my, apparently, atrocious phone cam):
In the last pic the fan reads
Optimized for


I've made some more observations.
In the heat sink the remaining mechanism of the fan is this
I realise it's not very clear but it is a spring. This spring can rotate, but doesn't even though on power.
Then I saw this
The backside of the actual fan. It looks and feels like something was broken from there, I believe something was there that kept the fan attached to the spring, that thing however is now broken and nowhere to be found.

So now the question come to can I just replace the fan or do I have to replace the whole cooling system?
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  1. I think its best to replace the heatsink(cooling system).
    A good cheap heatsink is the hyper 212 evo. ~$30.

    other than that, I would really recommend cable managing your system. It will help prevent this happening again and improve airflow. Can you post a pic of the inside of the case? Like more zoomed out.
  2. I think I'm gonna do just that. Thanks.
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