Hyper 212+ vs Scythe Mugen 2

Hello everybody! So currently my 2600k @ stock 3.4 GHz (planning to OC as time goes by) is under a CM Hyper 212+ and someone is offering to give me a Scythe Mugen 2 (not sure which rev.) Is removing the Hyper 212+, using some ,expensive, thermal interface, and going through the trouble of mounting it (not even sure if it will be compatible) worth it?
Thanks in advance!
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  1. In all the tests I have seen the Mugen beats the Hyper 212 by 6 to 7C.

    It is huge though and if you have RAM with high heat spreaders it can get in the way. My GSkill Ripjaws X just fits under it. I believe Corsair Vengence will not.

    As far as removing the Hyper 212 and installing the Mugen goes, I dont know if I would go to the trouble honestly. The 2600k runs pretty cool and the Hyper 212 will generally get you to around 4.5Ghz. The Mugen will get you a few hundred megahertz higher but 4.5Ghz seems to be the sweet spot for the 2600k. Pretty much only benchmarking or running a system with 3 x GTX 580s will benefit from higher than that.

    It might however extend the life of your chip even at 4.5Ghz. Cooler is better after all. I use IC Diamond thermal paste and my 2600k stays in the low 30s idle and mid to high 60s with prime 95.
  2. If you already have the Hyper212 it's probably not worth the trouble to switch. The Hyper 212 is still a great aftermarket fan/heatsink and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to hit 4.5 GHz pretty easily.
  3. Lol 4.5GHz is child's play! I have tested and mine hits 5.05 stable with a 24 hour Prime95 torture test.
  4. Thanks for the input guys!
  5. It may run at 5.05 but at what voltage? You do know going over 1.4v can kill you chip in a matter of months due to electomigration right? I am very happy at 4.5Ghz and 1.32v. Read this.

  6. That's pretty much the same with me. I'm running the CPU at 4.5 and stock voltage with water-cooling and it's great. No need to push it any further and risk destroying the CPU.
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