New CPU,Ram and MoBo

Hi my dad has asked me to put together a new system for him, and he feel he needs some future proof gear. He has set a budget of £800 and he doesn't need a new GPU at the moment.

Here is what I got thus far -

Motherboard - MSI - X79A-GD65-(8D) -

CPU - intel core i7 - 3930k enthusiast unlocked -

RAM - Corsair Vengeance - 1800 2x4gb, ddr 3

Any advice would be appreciated, will these components work together and will they allow for PCIe 3 down the line. Also I have gone for 8GB of ram as we wanted faster ram, he will need to save up for more cash for ram and GPU.
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  1. Hi :)

    Dont forget to add in the cost of an Operating system.... and for over 4 gb of ram it will have to be 64 bit..usually Win7.

    All the best Brett :)
  2. already using win7 64bit home premium which i think supports up to 16GB of RAM
  3. The CPU is overkill. Also if you want "future proof" wait for Ivy Bridge, should be coming out in April.
  4. what does he want to use the pc for?is the budget of £800 only for these 3 parts or for the whole pc?
  5. My dad is abit of entusiast when it comes to pc, he uses it for games, video coding, 3d rendering etc etc.

    Long story short he now has all of the above components with an msi nvidia 570. His cash was burning a hole in pocket, the build is up and running, he has everything installed video works fine but when he plays game he seems to have regular system crashs, he cant even ctrl,alt,del out of games.

    He has to do a hard reset with button on his case, there are No errorcodes or bsods, drivers have been reinstalled even older drivers have been used, any ideas on what it might be? Or how to find out if summit is wrong?

  6. since this thread has been dead for awhile and its a graphics issue, you might have better luck at:
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