Best $50 or less ATX case?

I am building a $500 gaming oriented computer. I have $50 to spend on a case. What's the best case for this price?
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  1. Antec 300 if you dont want to buy your own fans. Fits 11in. GPUs.

    Otherwise, go with the NZXT GAMMA. I personally recommend this one. I own and love it. Fits 10in. GPUs.
  2. +1 on the rosewill challenger.
  3. ANtec 300 $49.95 it has room for expansion, cable management space, dust filter, easily accessible intake fans , fair size and good cooling performance, all this getting the most bang for your buck.
  4. i own both a rosewill challenger and an antec 300 and honestly i cant decide which i like better , you cant go wrong with either
  5. I like the haf 912 as well, but its $10 more. My last build was with the challenger it was also a great case. In the end it comes down to preference (as long as it has adequate air flow/ the features you need) when selecting a case.
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