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I was considering upgrading my processor. One question I have is number of core vs. processor speed. Is the only difference that the more cores you have the better multitasking ability you have. And that if I just have more page open I would want more speed but if I had several applications open I would want more cores? I think I get it but would rather not guess.
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  1. Yes, multiple cores are good for multitasking.
    Two cores should be a minimum on any pc today. The os may be doing things while you are running your apps. A virus scan for example.

    Games will usually benefit from two or three cores by themselves. Past 4, not so much.

    To meet a thermal limit, fewer cores can be clocked higher than 4 or 6 cores.
  2. It depends on what you want to do. If your gaming you would be better off with less cores with faster speeds.
    Now if your doing something like 3D rendering, encoding or something that needs a lot of threading you would be better off with more cores and slower speeds.
  3. Generally speaking...

    If you have the cash go for a quad core with a high clock speed.

    If you are on a budget then get the fastest dual core CPU you can buy.
  4. So, if your doing more task you should have more cores. If I just have lots of webpages open speed would be better then ?This is at home, I don't game much but notice if I lots of pages open sometimes it locks up.
  5. What are you using this computer for? If it's going to be just for going on the Internet and Microsoft Office then an dual core I3 or quad core I5 would be fine.
  6. Yes, more cores = more performance with multitasking

    But more cores is better even without multitasking because:

    - windows needs processing resources for background tasks. If there aren't any free it will take them away from whatever application you're using

    - many applications can use multiple cores on their own

    As a general rule, for the budget user who uses their computer for general tasks, a slow quad will give a more responsive system than a fast dual. For gamers it's the other way round. A fast dual will be better than a slow quad. This is because many games aren't written to make use of more than two cores.

    Btw the reason your system is getting intolerably slow with many pages open is most likely because it has insufficient RAM.
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