AMD socket am 2 to am3 ?

I am running a amd athalon am 2 socket 64 x 2 dual 5000 2.6 gh. 2 - 512 kb L2 cache 2000 bus . chip now. I was looking at a page at amd and it says I can up grade to a am3 socket. Anyone every do that. Its says you can't put a 3 in a 2 but you can put a 3 in a 2 socket that is. This is a gateway gm5472 and runs great with dual core at 2.6 . If I could do that I could put like a 3.2 dual or triple core in, ............. I think ? What do you think ?
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  1. You need to look under "cpu support" for your specific board. Some boards will run am3, some won't, especially oem boards for hp, compaq, gateway, or dell. They have fewer upgrade possiblities, due to few or no bios updates for newer cpus. If you don't find any bios updates, then I would look for a specific gateway forum and post your question there. If you want to gamble anyway, try a 65 watt regor dual core which is priced around $60. Quad phenom II's cost considerably more and may not work due to the wattage requirements of most models. 95 watts is the absolute maximum for the cpu I would try.
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