Upgrading my gpu 8400SE to GTS 450 Here my question!

My pc

Processor: Dual core E5200 2.50ghz
Ram: ddr2 2gb
GPU: 8400SE ( i upgrade to GTS 450 soon )
my PCIE 16x is 1.0 i know its backward compatible with GTS 450 2.0

And my generic psu

Uploaded with

I play at 1280 by 1024

Games i liked to played if i got this GTs 450 are

Call of duty MW2
Need for speed MW
Killing Floor
Need for speed shift
crysis 1

PS: Im on tight budget so i buy 1st the GTS 450 and after a month im gonna buy NEW PSU from Corsair.

Im am ok with GTS 450?
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  1. The GTS 450 needs a 400W PSU with 22A on the 12V rails so you should be fine with your current PSU but it is a good choice to switch your generic PSU with a Corsair PSU
  2. ohhh thanks a lot for the response!

    Im gonna buy POWER CABLE Y SPLITTER cause i have 1 left 4pin gts 450 requires 2 4pin power
  3. thanks
  4. your power supply will blow up as soon as any load is applied to the video card. A PSU that is that cheap end nasty will not produce its rated power. an antec 380w unit will produce more continuous power.
  5. so the PSU will blow and my GPU will not harm?
  6. IMO, first get the PSU and then whichever video card you want.
  7. i want to play so i buy first the videocard? im on tight budget
  8. I agree with upgrading the PSU first as well.
  9. dagasaitim said:
    so the PSU will blow and my GPU will not harm?

    if your lucky. i made the mistake once when i was younger buying a cheap psu, when it blew up in smoke it killed my motherboard.
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