Had a long night time to share cpu pins...

scary story....lots learned....hopefully it helps somebody.

so the other day my hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler came in....great i looked at some videos online and thought i had it learned pritty well sooo....i power down and drag my case onto the bed and pop it open....apon removing the stock cpu cooler i noticed...the chip came for the ride (LOL here) so i grabed it and yanked...nothing the paste had it good...so bright me grabbed a small screw driver and gave it a little nudge...oh it came off alright...and bounced off the case...

the next 30 or so minutes was filled with me staring at about 6-8 pins on the corner bent and me cursing up a storm of ....i surely thought i was (lol) after calming down and picking up that same tiny screw driver i began to move down the rows in the bent section...

(two hours later) they looked half decent and i poped it into the socket and wolah i dodged a big bullet.

my point is never underestimate the fragility of those damn pins. and try your best to straighten them out.

btw i now run my 1090T at 4.1ghz and under 100% load i hit 32 degrees C <the idle temp with stock cooler at 3.3ghz
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  1. It is usually recommended to let the computer run for a while before removing the heatsink. When it runs it will heat up the thermal paste which will make it easier to remove. It's also recommended to gently twist left and right while pulling up. The left and right movement will loosen up the bond and will make it less likely to bend pins while removing the heatsink.
  2. i will keep this in mind =)
  3. @matt9112, watch your language. :non:
  4. will do...my fault.
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