Sabertooth Z77 In RAID for Intel smart response

New member and first build so I apologize for any "user" issues.

When I first built the system I had my OS on a SSD, the unfortunate thing is I have had to return it twice now for failures so i frankly I don't trust it (Its a 120gig Mushkin that was on sale.) I have everything currently on a 1TB Western Digital black because I prefer the security over speed for now until I can buy a nice stable SSD. In the mean time I though I could put the SSD to use (because as mentioned I know its better to have the OS on it but I don't trust it.) So I set everything up for the Intel Smart Response. The issue here is that although the RAID setting works and I was able to accelerate the drive, my computer only starts up on the proper boot drive every so often intermittently. Yes I can go into the BIOS and manually select the boot drive, but frankly its annoying.

When it doesn't boot properly after a restart I am prompted to select a boot drive, it only boots properly if I've had the computer turned off for an extended amount of time.

The options that changed when I set the SATA to RAID was that my boot option priorities changed:

Boot option #1 Generic-Compact Flash 1.00
Boot option #2 P3: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-222BB

The option to select my 1TB HDD is no longer present so I have to select it from the boot override menu.

I understand this may be a very specific issue, but any suggestions would be appreciated. I can also supply more information or specs if needed.
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  1. It might be a BIOS issue. I suggest contacting ASUS Support. See what they say.
  2. I was in the BIOS on my frequent visit to start up my computer and found a sub menu where the boot order was reset, was able to adjust this and am now having no problem... aside from no sound on my audio ports, but I'm seeking to purchase a sound card soon so this should cease the problem.
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