Ati HIS Radeon HD 6850 fan sounds wobbly when it works...

Hi everyone, i bought a His radeon hd 6850 around november of 2010, and it has not given me any problems until now, i noticed that my temperatures started to get really high while playing games like crysis, rift, and metro 2033. my gpu actually shut itsself down due to the high temps once or twice. I noticed that my fan sounds wobbly, and moves EXTREMELY slow, if it even decides to move. sometimes the fan doesnt move, but when it does, i get the sound, and i know its the fan because if i turn fan speed up the wobble gets louder. i cannot see rpms for some reason; the sensors wont work for my card. can anyone tell me what is up with my card and whats going on with the fan?
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  1. Its defective, RMA it, or try cleaning out the dust.
  2. do i need to unscrew anything or just get some air?
  3. canned air*, i notice that the fan seems hard to move
  4. You might be able to do it with just canned air, or you might want to unscrew it, not being familiar with the card it's hard to say.

    Try just the air first, then the disassemble it.
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