Network controller code 28


MoBo: foxconn g33m02
CPU: Intel E2200(2.2 dual core)
GPU: Evga GTX 280
PSU: 550W
Wireless PCI Card: Netgear WG311 v2 rev A2
OS: win7 pro 64bit

obtained and installed the latest chipset drivers from foxconn, but have thus far avoided a bios update

the following was performed with these settings(disabled digital driver signing and enabled test mode):
bcdedit.exe –set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe –set TESTSIGNING ON

obtained the latest netgear driver for the card v2.0.0.7
obtained the windows 7 supported driver from netgear v5.0.0.3(wg311v3, though)
obtained the marvell driver per anons suggestion based on the chip

tried all compatibility modes for application installers
attempted to install every driver manually from the folder via device manager
ensured proper order of installing the hardware and software
have physically reinstalled the card and reboot at least 30 times now

nothing registers....
"windows could not find driver software for your computer" in device manager manual install
"setup" apps either never finish and give me the screen to select "finish" or they do and nothing happens except some utilities and uninstallers show up, but when attempting to open the utilities blank, nothing, nada!!!!

getting a network controller code 28(!) in device manager

this very same card installed fine in my old socket A amd machine running w7-64bit, but now that I upgrade the hardware this driver will never install no matter what I try...

somebody with a higher level of thinking than I please, aid me!
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  1. Wow that's a doozie!
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