Help! best bus speed for my CPU?

Hello and thanks in advance for the help! I need a motherboard and memory!

I want to use the i7-3820 in the pc I am building.

If the answer depends on if I overclock or not I haven't decided :( Is there any reason not to overclock? I have never have in the past but I am not completely opposed.

I can't figure out which speeds need to match and there seem to be arguments about ram voltages.

I'm just trying to avoid getting RipjawsX 2133MHz if 1600mhz is the best my system can utilize, pr if it operates at the wrong voltage, or if other ram has better timings, etc.

Originally I'll buy 16gb of memory but I would like to leave room to add 16gb more later. I believe I'll be guying a SLI card wit the intentions of buying a 2nd one if I start gaming more.

Thank you very much!
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    why the heck would you get a 3820 in the first place? the 3770k performs better and if you want more power, the 3930k is even better. if you are upgrading your build when ivy bridge -e comes along, it would mean a waste to the 3820 since its still very fast

    overclocking is just free performance. not much, but still a good amount.

    overclocking on a 3820 is slightly different since you use the bclk from what i know

    you dont need that much ram unless you are building a ramdisk or doing extreme rendering
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