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I have been curious about getting an SSD for a while for the faster boot times, reduced power draw, and faster file access, but have been thrown off by the price and lack of storage of standard HDs.

Recently I read about NAS (Network Attached Storage) and had a thought. Would having an external hard drive connected to a home router via a NAS adapter (or just a NAS enabled HD) for music media, old data, etc. along with an SSD installed on a laptop for all core programs, sensitive files, and other data that need to be kept close by alleviate the constriction of not forking out the big bucks for a 128 or 256 GB SSD? Has anyone used a setup similar to this before? How would/did this work?
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    That's what I'm slowly working towards with my home network. All my media will be stored on my server (which is pretty much true already), and then I plan on installing SSDs in the remainder of my PCs once prices go down a bit more. It'll be similar to running thin clients, just not quite ;)

    The only limitation here would be your network speed, but as long as you've got a gigabit network and decent NIC's, it should be just fine.
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