Is my motherboard fried?

i moved into a new house and built a computer over the summer and other than a few doa parts its been fine. My houses wiring is somewhat poor and the other day i had a power surge my motherboard detected and turned it off. I turned the computer back on it was fine went to bios reset and rebooted. As it began to boot i was kind of dum and was trying to work on wires to stop the panel bulge and gave the 24pin some slack and it shut off. It now will not turn on and i'm not sure whether it was another power surge or me doing something. My motherboard is getting a green power led and thats it.

if anyone can help it will be very much appreciated and i already have tried clearing cmos

motherboard: asus z77 sabertooth
cpu: i5-3570k
psu: corsair tx750m
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  1. emperor piehead said:
    other than a few doa parts its been fine...wiring somewhat on wires...panel bulge...i was kind of dum


    Get a basic UPS . If your power is really bad, get a more expensive one.

    Motherboard? I'm surprised YOU aren't fried!
    P.S. Ironic Avatar
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    I had a very similar issue with a PC I built in the past. The two most likely culprits are the power supply or the motherboard. I would try swapping out a new power supply and test it out first. It's much easier to wire up a new PSU than swap in a new motherboard.

    And a quick question - when you press the power switch on the front panel of your PC, does anything happen at all?
  3. no nothing happens when i press powerbutton. tomorrow i will try jumping the power supply to make sure which one it is. I don't have an extra psu so that will have to do fornow and thanks for the help
  4. Ah, yeah.. Wouldn't hurt to buy a PSU from a local parts supplier, if you have one available. If that's not the issue, most places will take the item back so long as you have all the original packaging. If it works, great! If not, the problem is likely with the motherboard and you can go from there. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  5. sadly i don't have a local part supplier as i live in a town of 20,000 and cattle is the big thing, but beacause of this i might buy a cx430 psu
  6. i jumped the power supply and it turned on so its the motherboard and im pretty sure that is not covered by warranty right
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  8. The warranty is usually 1 year - if you call and say it turned on then off when you pressed the power button, they might cover it. I know it's not the most honest way of doing it, but if you can convince them it wasn't anything you did that caused it, most companies are willing to work with you.
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