Wireless mouse, 30feet range through walls?

I would like to remotely control my DVR computer which is 30 feet away from the location of the mouse... The signal would also have to go through 2 walls

I know a lot of mouses are rated 30feets range or over, but i would like to hear personnal expeciences as i have already seen mouses rated long-range that only had a couple of feets of range

So, is anyone using a wireless mouse very far away from the computer and still getting good signal through walls ? And what kind of mouse are you using ?
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  1. My experience with wireless has never been good I've never seen a wireless mouse work from more than 15 feet away. I would suggest blutooth right now I'm using a Gearhead mouse and keyboard blutooth combo it's a lower end company but better than any 2.4 wireless I have ever used.
  2. I honestly don't think you are going to find a mouse that can do what you want through walls. Repeaters may be an option or using an actual windows remote and running the ir receiver out to where you want it...

    if you have an android phone remote droid would be by far the best way since it uses your WiFi network but you can't leave your phone at the tv 24/7 if other people use the dvr
  3. Hmm so bluetooth is better than RF ? I thought it was the opposite

    What range are you getting with your Gearhead mouse ?

    I don't have a smart phone :(

    Maybe i can lower the range to 15feet with a repeater, but i still need a mouse with a long-range
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