HD 6950 strange issues.


First of all, here is my config:

.Asus M4A89TD Pro/usb3
.AMD Phenom II 955 x4 black edition 3,2ghz
.Gskill ripjaws 2x2gb 1600mhz ddr3
.Western digital 1tb sata 3 64mb caviar black, 7200rpm
.Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2gb gddr5
.Coolermaster 912 HAF
.Coolermaster GX 750w
.Asus DVD rewriter 24x
.OS: Win 7 64 bits

Well, i had the pc working for 2 months with no problem at all. A few weeks ago, i opened the case, to remove dust from it. When i opened it, i noticed that one of the pins was not connected properly, so i gently pushed it, and connected it.
Since i did at, everything went wrong. I started experiencing some strange in-game artifacts (pc is built-up for games).
First of all, when i play games with a large-scale map, for ex, Far cry 2, battlefield 2, i have some strange freezes....i don´t know how to call them exactly, it´s like a 2 secs freeze, then it keeps working, and then another freeze, randomly, but constantly. VERY annoying, considering that it´s a high end gpu (not the best, but a very cool one), and that it worked properly before (this stuff happens on all games, but in large-scale maps, it can be noticed easily).
Second, sometimes, when i´m doing some stuff on 2d, or simply, i´m not using the pc, video turns off with no reason, screen goes black, and i have to restart it. It has nothing to do with the power setup, it´s setted on high performance, and "never turn off screen" option on.
The last, and worst problem: reduction of performance. Checked with fraps, games like Crysis 2, runned 50fps+ on hardcore settings (max), with almost all maximized on Catalyst Control Centre. Now, it´s a real ***. Half of the game is running -50fps, it has horrible fps drops, and a very poor performance, considering the excelent performance it had before :(
This happens with all games, but they didn´t become "unplayable", it´s just a great decrease of performance...
The gpu has a bit OC, just using Ati overdrive from catalyst centre, i OC it:
Core: from 800 to 840mhz
Memory: from 1250 to 1325mhz
Fan speed: setted to 55% all the time
Processor has no OC, cores locked (haven´t tried unlocking them yet).
GPU is not flashed to 6970, neither.
Oh, and one thing more. I bought the hard, and they offered me to assemble it for free, so i accepted. This means that i didn´t do it, so i don´t know exactly if the GPU was damaged, or not, neither if it was a new one, or a faulty one.
If you guys have any idea, please help me, i´m really angry with this guys, i had to turn back the gpu twice, because they gave me a faulty one 2 times, with 2d problems (constantly crashes on 2d). So, i guess it´s another faulty one, but maybe not, that´s why i am asking.


Sorry for my shitty english, i have no problems with it, but explaining this stuff was quite difficult for me :B
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  1. When there is a problem with video - it can be one of several, common issues:

    1. Video card is faulty.
    2. Motherboard or motherboard PCI-E slot is faulty.
    3. Power supply.
    4. Drivers.
    5. Monitor.
    5. Cable.

    Since your problems started with dusting and reconnecting one of the pins (power?) I'm going to go with either the motherboard slot or the card as the fault, the cause being a build of static charge that fried one or the other or both.

    But before you take one or both out and replace them - I'd suggest you go through the annoying process of 'process and elimination' to find out where the problem lies.

    1. Disconnect entire system. Reconnect as you had it being methodical and careful. Power it up and see what happens.
    2. If that don't work, your mobo model has two PCI-E slots, put your graphics card in that slot, connect, then see what happens.
    3. If that doesn't work then unfortunately for you in order to eliminate any other possibilities you will have to have some spare hardware. If you do:
    4. Try a different graphics card in the machine. If it works then your 6950 is fried. If it doesn't then most probably your motherboard has packed in. You will need to buy a new one.
    5. If you have another machine you can put it in - you can try putting the 6950 in that machine, be it a friends or whatever - if it works - then it isn't your gpu, but your mobo.

    The other option to you is to take it to a local computer hardware store and ask if they can test the graphics card for you. You could take the entire rig. Tests usually come cheap and they will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your system and what you need to do about it.

    From my own experience - I wanted a 5670 - I tried three graphics cards when my local shop decided on putting a different brand of card in the machine (also it was a 5750) and it worked fine ever after. Sometimes your luck is just that bad. Hope this helps.
  2. Humm i´m gonna try it on a friend´s pc, with a similar config, and see what happens.
    If it does the same thing, it´s more than obvious that it´s a faulty card, thanks.
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