Buying New Rigg, need help.

This will be my first time building my very own tower!

The purpose of my tower is strictyl for Gaming / Movies / Multi-Tasking / School Work / Browsing / (Gaming high priority)

I have set aside a budget of 800$ and i already have a Video card...

Im currently running on a radeon 6850 hd, 1 mb its a PCI Express 2.0 Card. It has run everything perfectly for me up until Brink (which came out really poorly for AMD) and now Battlefield 3 ( but im more worried about my q6660 quad core processor..) its only 2.4ghz and its probably bottle necking the card, as well as not running a beautiful game like that very well either.

I guess im looking to buy a Case; ive been recommended before to buy a Haf 22 (is this still good?)
A cooling system Hypercooler 212+

I need a Mobo/Processor preferably Overclocking capable..
I would really like a motherboard, thats SLI / Crossfire Capable.
I would also like 8g of solid RAM

Powersupply/Keyboard/Mouse/headset/Screens, I already have / Can make my own decisions.

Any help would be appreciated, if you wouldnt mind giving me feed back based on what other people suggest/small details as to why you pick the product.

I'll probably be buying the products off
But i can research the same product and compare prices else where.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I pretty much doubt Q6600 is bottlenecking anything /for gaming/ + it overclocks nice. If you want better gaming performance invest in a better graphics card /this 6750 you have is definitely not bottlenecked by the processor/.
    And 8GB of RAM ... well, it may help with many things, but I don't think gaming is among them, anyway, having 8 gigs of ram is not bad for general use.
  2. hmm, for gamming asus p8z68 vpro is best and better choice excellent overclocking and support quad sli/crossfirex but this mobo is well suited with 2500k and go for g.skill ripjaws x series 8 ddr3 1600mhz good for gamming nothing will be make you worried.bf3 maxed out on i5 2500k easily or ither 2600k but there is no huge difference between them.
  3. The q6600 is only 2.4 ghz its 5-6 old easily, maybe even more.
    The video card is one of the more latest and higher end 190$ cards. Its a 6850 hd, i made a typo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The video card is definitely good enough to run BF3 on at least high, maybe not ultra.

    But the processor, is apart of their MINIMUM requirements.. im not 100% sure if its just Framie / Crashes, because its the beta currently.. but it really isnt running smoothly.

    I was just looking at this motherboard; thanks pro-gamer.

    Is going for i7 worth it ? or just stick with i5?

    I was recommended earlier (a few months ago i wanted 2 do this, but i couldnt afford it) i was recommended; i5-2500k. as well as ripjaw ram!
  5. yes you can run it on high but your current cpu is too old
  6. yes asus is the best especially z68 vpro and 2500k then it will make ultimate performance and a gtx 580 or 570
  7. go for 2500k there is only 100mhz difference in 2600k vs 2500k
  8. Yeah, this computer like i cant even REMEMBER when i bought it.

    So if i take that p8z68 vpro mobo, and then buy an i5-2500k
    Add 8g of Ripjaw ram,
    Keep my ATI 6850 hd Gpu
    Case: HAF 22
    Cooling: Hyper 212+
    PSU:XION Power Real 1000W ATX Power Supply (its my currenty psu)

    I have myself a solid rigg?
  9. now you got the point your setup is now complete
  10. Whats the difference between these 2?

    I see the "timing" has a slight difference of Timing 9-9-9-24-2N
    From 9-9-9-24

    best choose man! antec 25 is looking better and unique design
    one thing i note in antec that this case is support longest card like hd 6990
  12. Do i have too order cables like SATA cables / Power Cables etc?
    Or do all the parts, come with everything standard and required to run as i get it out of the box.
  13. no there is no need to order cables they are come with each component
  14. Alright thanks, i hope other people agree on this build; ill select a best answer tomorrow if other people agree with these parts (i think they will, everything seems pretty "top of the line" and all the parts are "most bought" on newegg of each part type so i cant be going wrong.

    Now i have to decide if i want to wait till christmas to save on the parts, or just get it now for my birthday!
  15. ok wait for other replies
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