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Blurry Applications

Hi, I am having a problem with random applications being blurry. Firefox font is a little blurry and a couple other programs are as well even though others may be crystal clear. Native resolution is 1900X1080 and graphics card is Sapphire AMD Raedon HD 6770 1GB GDDR 5. Any help?
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    Look in your 3D settings for Morphological AA, or MLAA. It's a form of AA that will work even at the desktop.
  2. I tried changing these settings in Catalyst Control and it does nothing. Still have blurry spots in programs.
  3. It could also be an underscan option. Do you notice part of your screen is clipped or black bars on the sides? That may require you to adjust the underscan option within the display section of the CCC or on the monitor itself.
  4. I have my screen at full overscan because i used to have black borders. when i adjust this, there is also no change. I also tried to enable ITC processing only to receive no change as well. it's weird because programs like firefox and roxio and windows mail appear blurry while my amd catalyst conrol center and documents folders and ect are perfectly fine.
  5. I wonder if adjusting your monitors sharpness would have an effect.
  6. I tried changing the morphological settings again and turned ClearType on and restarted the programs and now everythings good. Thanks!
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