PC won't start 24/7. Unplugging PSU +1

Hi guys!

I have recently build a PC with the following:

Asus P6Z68-V
Intel I5 2500K 3.30GHZ
750W PSU

The system can turn on fine, however after shutting it down, it won't start again unless I unplug the power cable and shut down the PSU. When the motherboard stops showing any lights, I can replug it, turn back on the PSU and the PC will start properly.

This I have to do each and everytime I shut it down, and it is making me mad. Anyone knows what could be wrong?

1) I have changed the MB battery.
2) I have tested each component alone with the Motherboard and they all work fine
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  1. Dit you connect the front connectors ( PWR SW, HDD Led, Reset SW) etc correctly? Try facing them the other way around if you are not sure.
  2. if its not that then id have to put it down to the motherboard being faulty, id try and get a replacement and if it still continues then its the power supply, but id bet the motherboard if its not the front pannel headers
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