970Extreme4 or GA-990FXA-UD3

My (first-timer) build so far...

RAM: 2x4Gb GSkill Ripjaw X 1600
Case: Antec 300 Two
PSU: Seasonic X 650W

Looking to finish off the basic build with a mobo now...

I had planned on the ASRock 970 Extreme4 @ $99, thinking that the 990FX Extreme4 version @ $144 wouldn't be worth the extra $45 for this build (though keeping my eye on it...)

Now I'm seeing the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 on for a decent price with rebate @ ($114).

I know Gb is considered one of the top 2 brands generally (with Asus). But I'm wondering if I'm going to see any real results from a 990 over a 970.

Not looking to OC or Xfire immediately, but maybe in the future. I just want to get past the fairly intimidating prospect of building a machine and have it working first.

So, tell me. Is the Gigabyte 990 board worth the $15 bucks?

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  1. Best answer
    Th 990 will get u

    - x16/x16 for cfx/sli vs 8x/8x
    - 6 sata3 vs 5 sata3

    For me i think it will worth it.....
  2. Almost seems like a no brainer...

    more reliable manufacturer,
    990FX vs 970 NB
    6 vs 5 sata 3


    not much of a minus...
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