Pny gtx 460 OC running at 87c under full load

Hello, I have a Pny Gtx 460 OC Enthusiasts Edition. I use GPU-Z along with Everest Ultimate to test the temps. Normally for most games the Gpu sits around 37c idle then maxes around 67c-69c but recently and i'm guessing it's the game it runs at about 100% load and maxes at 87c with the same idle temp. Is this ok temp wise since it's the only game that does this and also is it going to be fine to let it run at that for a sustained amount of time. The furmark maxed it out at 91c under it's stress test.
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  1. 87c is actually not that bad on a GPU intensive game with full load. GPU's are designed to take a little more heat than CPU's. My GTX 560 Ti hovers at 82c in Rift while under load and i don't sweat it. You could also up the fan speed if you haven't already...
  2. Considering the gtx 460 can take 105*c, i'd say you're fine. But 87*c is not that bad under load but maybe using compressed air inside the case could help but correct me if im wrong, Besides my 9800gt does 82*c sometimes
  3. Awesome guys thanks for the responses! i got a liquid cooler and it seems to have helped it a little it dropped about 3c guess since I get better airflow with the liquid freeing up more space. But like I said it's only one game that does this and it's not as sustained now, it seems to average around 79c. I did change the thermal paste on it to Arctic Silver so I'm sure it took it a few days for that to sink in also. Thanks so much !
  4. Are you implying the card is water blocked ie liquid cooling? If so it should be a Lot cooler but if only the cpu then it hardly helped but any improvement is better than none. Fix the fan speed at 60% or more and it will keep the temps down.
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