New i5 System Build (not responding)

Hi Guys,

I have decided to upgrade from my current duo core 2 system as my old motherboard is starting to fail. This will be my second home built pc and I have installed the operating system fine with no errors and appears to complete with no issue after the motherboard drivers were loaded. System specs are as follows;

Mobo:- Asus P8Z68-V
CPU:- I5 2500k
Memory:- kingston DDR3 1333Mhz (2 x 2GB sticks)
Main Hard Drive: WD 250GB from old build (ran chkdsk no errors)
Secondary Hard Drive: WD 500GB again from old machine
Optical Drive:- Pioneer BDR-206BKR

Operating System
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit clean install

Account installation complete normal and motherboard drivers were loaded up with no issues. Once I log into the computer I try to type the password but nothing happens. After a while when I come back I see *** in the password box. I clear it and can type the password and log in.

Once I have logged in, I click on the start button and nothing happens so I wait to which moments later I click on start again then it finally shows me the menu. When I click on the control panel there is a slight delay and then it pops up but shows not responding. Again I wait and it finally comes up, so yeah frustrating as my old machine will now appear like a supercharged workhorse lol.

I try Opening up IE again it takes several clicks before it pops up. When it does pop up I type in the address bar and nothing happens, several attempts later .....success and I press enter and guess what it goes to not responding.......

Seems like whatever task I do it goes to not responding. Being that I have no issues with things like high cpu temperature which is about 49 degrees and looking at device manager all drivers are working? No crosses and appear to be completed. I have no idea what is causing this as I everything works fine but the fact I keep getting delayed input and not responding messages.

One thing I don't know may have something to mention? I am using the same windows 7 OEM disk and have input the key and seems to work fine and I assume registered ok being I did not get any error messages. I will be using this license on this machine.

Any ideas and help would be much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you all.


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  1. Sounds like Hdd or ram error. Have you tried to run OS from other Hdd. If so try running to test memory . Need to pass x4. Easiest to run memtest with bootable flash drive. Hope it helps.
  2. Have just run the memtest and it has passed with no errors so RAM is good, just doing to get dft to see if the Hard drive has any issues will post the results once completed. Thanks for your reply.
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  4. Could not seem to select my hd to test so will try and install on another drive later. Will post the results
  5. I would try removing the power cable off whichever of the 2 drives that dosent hold the OS. Most likely where your installing old hdds into new everything else may be causing some confusion in configurations.

    The other thought that just popped into my noodle. You mentioned Windows 7 clean install. When was this done? Did you do a clean install with 1 HDD installed or both of them? Windows does not like to see more than 1 HDD or SSD when installed. Windows loves seeing all that room and will install different files on different drives when its see more than 1 drive. This can/will cause all sort of Windows problems.

    May not be the case, just a thought.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, it appears that it was the Hard disk. I bought a new one with sata 3 and it goes like a rocket after installing Windows 7. Hope this will help others who may experience the same issue
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