How can you tell which Sata is Sata 1.0 or Sata 2.0?

I just picked up a free computer, and here is the motherboard:

H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)

It appears to be an OEM motherboard, so I'm not sure if there is a owners manual for it.

How can I figure this out? I want to use the 2.0 ports for my SSD and HHD.
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  1. You may need a magnifyer to figure it out but it is printed on the motherboard next to the ports. I tried the motherboard layout tab from your link but the diagram is illegible on my computer. The layout does show where the printing is located that corresponds to the ports.
    Hope it helps a little, time to get the magnifying glass out I think.
  2. No where can I find what it says on the motherboard...

    I'm not asking what 'port number' or what 'sata number' each port is. It does say "SATA1", "SATA2", and so on..., but nowhere does it say which SATA ports are SATA 1.0 and SATA 2.0.

    I'm not sure how I can figure this out... my notebook was stolen and I picked up a free compute - this: HP p6314f

    However, it didn't come with a hard drive, power supply, ram, OEM OS sticker authentication, etc.. I already had an SSD (Intel 330 series), HDD, ram sticks, quiet Seasonic power supply...

    Stupidly I bought Windows 8 OEM, kind-of wondering if I should have bought Windows 7. The generic drivers work good, not sure if I will be able to install HD Radeon 4200 graphics driver (unsuccessfully made a couple attempts) - don't really care at this time since it seems to handle videos just fine, and my WEI is an adequate 4.2 score.

    Regardless, I just want to make sure I have my SSD hooked up to a SATA 2.0 port
  3. /sat.png

    I tried looking at my device manager, but I'm not all that good with computers...
  4. Easy, your MOBO uses the AMD 785G Chipset and all SATA ports are SATA2 3Gb/s ; info -
  5. I'm curious why the hp (see first link) specification list both Sata 1.0 and Sata 2.0 in the "Internal Connectors"?

    Do the different colored sata ports mean anything?
  6. Lone Fox said:
    I'm curious why the hp (see first link) specification list both Sata 1.0 and Sata 2.0 in the "Internal Connectors"?

    Do the different colored sata ports mean anything?

    You'd have to read the manual as to 'why', the colors may have some reliance for 'booting' priority or installation. Often, as an example, SATA ports 1-4 can be AHCI or IDE (better for booting/primary drives) and the remainder IDE and/or specific ports used for RAID. I noted in the description 'RAID' support which may explain the color-coded SATA ports.

    If it lists SATA rev 1 & rev 2 it's probably because SATA2 is backwards compatible with SATA1 devices, in much the same way SATA3 supports both SATA2 and SATA1.
  7. And remember to google your motherboard model and check for specs. That should get you the exact specifications
  8. I realize that this is an old thread, but I find some of my best information on old threads when I am searching frantically for a solution to a problem. In fact, this tread triggered my thinking on how to experiment for an answer to my question concerning the color coding of Sata connectors on my motherboard. I will post what I found on my HP-400Z concerning the color coding of Sata connectors on my FOXCONN 2A92 1.01 mother board using American Megatrends Inc. 6.09 09/07/2010 bios.

    I spent an hour or so last night plugging a spare Sata HD into each of the connectors with the following results:
    Dark blue - Disk 1
    White - Disk 2
    Light blue - Disk 3
    Yellow - Disk 4
    Red - Disk 5
    Black - Disk 6

    These colors work on my board, I don't know if the colors follow any industry standard.

    As I plugged the spare HD into each connector I restarted my PC and went into bios to see which disk number it showed up on. There was no need to do anything with bios other than observe the changed disk number. I am not familiar with the workings of RAID, so I make no pretense at knowing which, if any, of these connectors pertain to RAID.

    I actually changed my existing second HD to Disk 2, which I had previously randomly plugged into Disk 6. Black to white. Now rather than the second drive showing up as disk 6 in Windows Disk Management, it shows up as disk 2 as seems more reasonable to me
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