Final advice before i5 gaming PC build.

I have a budget of roughly £600-£700. I already own a monitor, mouse, keyboard etc etc.

I'm purcahsing a Motherboard/CPU/RAM bundel from ( I don't plan on running SLI/CrossfireX anytime soon, so the fact that the motherboards second PCI-E slot is limited to 4x doesn't really matter too much.

I'm buying 8GB of Corsair DDR3 whenver I can afford it to use instead of the RAM that comes in the bundle.

The only thing I'm really stuck on is what Graphics Card to get. I want to run the latest games, but I dont want to be spending £250 on one. Can anyone suggest something that would suit my needs and budget?
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  1. well, the 2500k is best for gamming and go for p8z68 vpro instead of v-lx and vpro is regular use for gamming there is not too much demand for v-lx and your ram i recommended for you g.skill ripjaws these are better than corsair and gpu pick out gtx 570 excellent performance.
  2. Your link does not work for me.

    The 2500K can drive the strongest graphics configuration very well.
    For gaming, get the best graphics card you are willing to pay for.
    The market is very competitive, so if you are buying a current line product, you will get fair value at every price point.
    Do not anguish over minor differences.
    In your price range, something like a GTX560/GTX560ti or 6850/6970 is probably right.
    You will probably need a 500w psu.
  3. I'd go with a GTX 560Ti or a 6950. Either has enough power to run any modern game with high settings. Depending on the resolution you intend to use the 2GB of VRAm of the 6950 may be preferable...
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