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Since this morning my computer is taking an age to boot, were talking 20-30 minutes before I see the Windows login screen. The first BIOS post screen has gone from lasting 5 seconds to around 2 minutes, from there 20+ minutes until Windows loads. Strange thing is however speed is perfectly normal inside of windows, ran Prime95 fine, CPUZ saying all cores running correct speed and temps and applications load as fast as they normally do.

Motherboard is an EVGA x58 SLI with i7 920. I've reset BIOS / Cleared CMOS to defaults, problem still occurs. Any ideas?

Much appreciated!
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  1. It sounds very much like your hard drive cache is not happy. Is your hard drive near maximum capacity? Have you run defrag or scandisk or anything along those lines? Are all of your drivers up to date?
    Try running a WEI test - see if there's a strangely low rating for your hard drive.
  2. Maybe it would be a good idea to check all the cables too and possibly replace them as you said the BIOS post screen hangs more. A hanging BIOS post screen could indicate some problem. You could check all the services that are enabled to start at startup, however I feel this wouldn't cause such an increase in boot time. Also it would be worth running a virus scan. You should also do what C12Friedman has suggested.

    Has the problem been occurring for long?
  3. Defrag the HDD and if you can then reinstall the OS.
    The BIOS might have problems trying to boot from the HDD so thats why it is staying there for so long.
  4. restore your system sir then defrag the hdd. maybe u can reseat the rams and all periperals/hardwares connected to mobo.
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