BSOD hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe

I recently built a new PC, ive been building PC's for a fairly long time now but this time i have struck a problem and NEED help!!

The PC is using a sandy bridge 3.1GHz i5 2400 CPU, 1600MHz Gskill RipJaws RAM, seagate 1TB HDD, p8z68 Mpro motherboard, Gigabyte 6850 and coolermaster 750w PSU eith windows 7 64 bit.

The computer at first appears fine, then at random times, without a pattern of events or time it BSODs. After checking the dump file the problem seems to be originating from the Hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe.
I have run memtest86 and many other test and have not come up with anything, i have reformatted, still the problem continues.

any help you can offer i will love to see!

also i am wondering if a running some HDD in AHCI mode istead of IDE mode could cause this issue and if not what could it be?
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  1. was there a particular application you installed , driver you updated , just b4 the problem first occurred ?

    Have you tried a fail safe default setting in BIOS? That will harm performance , but by dialing back hardware settings it may help isolate the problem ?
  2. If you run it in safe mode does it still BSOD? Also, what code do you get when it Blue Screens.
    Something like one of these?
  3. the 2 codes i get are 0x124 and 0x3b
  4. According to my information you need to go into your bios and increase your vcore. Just go up, (push +), once and try it. If you get it again go up again and keep trying until it runs stable. However, once you start going up you will need to monitor your cpu temps. once or twice, np problem. Start doing it more than that and you need to watch em.

    0x124 - sdd/remove vcore or QPI/VTT
    0xo3b - add more vcore
  5. ok ill give that a shot...thanks man
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