I cant figure out what fans i need for my case.

I purchased a blue HAF X case.

Ive read from multiple sources including cooler masters site that the case uses a 230mm fan in the front, can use 2 200 mm fans on top, and has 1 200mm fan on the side.
I originally purchased 4 or 5 200mm fans for both my computer cases considering i have another HAF X thats not as good but still uses 200mm fans.
At the time those were my favorite fans, but now i like the couger fans after being told to try them. Sadly i dont think they make 200mm+ sized fans.

The problem with the NZXT fans is that they say 200mm but when i slap them on anywhere on the top or side of my case they dont line up with any of the holes. I also noticed that the holes for all the screws dont line up they are offset for some reason.

Im also trying to figure out how to get the LEDs to turn on and off on my case. I believe i can turn the front fans LED on and off but i can only figure that i would need to hook up all the fans to that front fan. Is that the case? If so i wont be able to use my fan controller installed in my 3.5" drive bay, correct?

Is this problem im having due to the fans, or due to the fact that the fans on this case arent actually 200m?

What fans would you guys recommend i buy? Im looking for something that will push a lot of air but be nice and quite like how the couger fans are designed. I need 2 for the top, 1 for the side, and one of the "230mm" fan for the front. If i could set them up with LEDs that would be great too, im thinking i might just want an LED strip rather than LEDs in the fan.

What do you guys think about all this? Im running a crazy setup and i wanna get into overclocking so i wanna get the best air cooling setup possible. I cant tell what CFM the provided fans have so i dont know if i should just buy another one somewhere for the extra spot that doesnt have one yet, or if i should replace them all with something like the cougar fans that i love so much.
- Thanks :)
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  1. Nzxt says specifically you can't use them on other cases....but I recommend the cooler master megaflow 200mm http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103073v also get these 120mm fans http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103090
  2. Oh wow i had no clue, i never read that the nzxt fans dont fit on any other cases than theirs, what a greedy little company. Too bad i have like 5 or 6 of em now that i cant use lol.

    So you guys are saying the one that are already on my case are fine then? I believe that is the exact same fan as what comes with my computer case. Please correct me if im wrong. I would like something with LEDs and thats quieter like the cougar fans. I have a push pull setup on my H100 cooler which uses 120mm fans(im using 4 120mm Cougar fans), other than that theres only 1 120mm fan inside and its all covered up by plastic, so i dont need another one of that size. I do appreciate that link tho :)

    Also can you guys help me understand how to hook up all the fans to the led switch, and if its possible to hook up my fans to a fan controller and the led switch? I was gonna use this one fan controller i have but i dont think it can support 4 of these crazy fans all on one plug. Otherwise im assuming that i would lose the ability to turn on and off the LEDs.

    Also what do you guys think about the push pull setup im using. The fans are rated at 800-1200 rpm with right around 75cfm. I have em all being controlled by the H100 and am hoping its a good setup. The fan(s) on top will be pushing over 100cfm, so idk if i really wanna use em or not. Idk if they will help the cooling or just be extra fans that are loud and i dont need.

    Any more opinions?
    - Thanks :)
  3. A fan controller with 30w per channel should be perfectly fine. Check out the lamptron touch!
  4. I got a controller with 30w per channel, u think that could handle 3 200mm & 1 230mm cooler master mega flow LED fans? Would i still be able to max out their speeds and then slow em down, or would i be stuck with one setting for all of em?

    Thanks for the super fast reply too XD
  5. Yes, since usually fan controllers have 5 controllers. The megaflow only uses 3.36watts! You have plenty lol. Anyways going to bed so won't be able to reply zzz
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