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Alright so I recently built a computer back in January and it was working fine until two months ago when it shut off after starting up for a few seconds only to reset and leave my monitors and usb's without any power. Long story short I've spent the better part of the past 4 months switching out parts to see what's the problem is and after changing out my initial replacement mobo (Currently RMAing it but apparently ASUS has some serious quality control issues) with an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 and now I've hit another wall. After plugging in my PSU's cables to my mobo and turning it on my motherboard seems to remain in the same state it was when unplugged. The PSU I'm using I know atleast sends enough power to turn my PC on (It was able to power up my faulty replacement) but now just acts like its completely dead. I will swap it out with the initial PSU I bought at my earliest convenience but for now I figured I just pose the question if there's anything obvious that might keep a mobo from receiving power.

Here are my specs (All parts that I've replaced are marked with *'s):
*Asus p8z68-v pro gen 3 lga 1155 ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
*Intel i7-2600
Intel 510 series SSD 120gb
Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDD 1tb
*Cosair Vengence 16gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 580
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  1. well there is a bare minimum of devices that are required to turn on. You need, at least the mobo, CPU, and system memory plugged in to get anywhere. It could well be that the ASRock is dead itself as they do have quite a bit of QC issues (doesn't stop me from buying their products for myself though). My extreme3 gen3 worked fine for 2 months before going bad, and took 2 replacements before I got a good one. Then I just bought an Extreme 4 (like the one you just picked up) and had simmilar issues.
  2. Alright thanks.
    Didnt realize how good of a chance mobo's have to come dead. I'll still see if I can get my other PSU to get it to work and if not I can just RMA it.
    Thanks for the help! :D
  3. ya, dead mobos are a growing issue. For low end boards it is not a problem, and for high end boards it is not a problem, but for boards in that $90-175 range QC has really gotten lax.
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