Getting faster ram vs filling up all ram slots

I currently have a Asus Z77 board with 4 ram slots.

Currently filled with G.Sillz Ripjaws 1600 DDR3 4GB x2.

MY current usage rarely goes over 65% ram usage.

To improve the performance of my PC, should I buy one more set of Ripjaws
and fill up all my dual channel slots or should I get a set of faster 8GB Ram?

What ram would you recommend?

CPU: i5 3570k @4.2GHz Turbo cooled with Antec 920 with Cougar Vortex HP Fans
GPU: Asus 660Ti Superclocked edition DCII
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  1. You won't need anytime soon more RAM than you have atm. Faster RAM is the only thing that will make difference.
  2. You're not really going to see any improvement from either option, to be honest. Especially not in games.

    But I guess if I were forced at gunpoint to choose one or the other for better performance, a higher-speed, lower-latency kit would be my choice.
  3. What 2x4GB should I get? 2133? What brand and model?
  4. If your RAM usage rarely goes over 65%, you're not going to benefit from adding more RAM.

    Switching to faster clock speed RAM typically only gets you 1%-2% better performance in real world use (i.e. not in benchmarks which stress RAM speed exclusively).

    Save your money for a new system in a couple years. If you haven't yet, switch your HDD to a SSD. That is by far the biggest bang-for-the buck speed improvement you can make on a computer.
  5. Already with Sandisk Extreme SSD, I want to get a 240GB one I am using 120GB, do I have to reinstall everything when I get a new SSD and redo all my settings or can I just somehow transfer the system over?
  6. You can duplicate the 120 GB drive to the 240 GB using something like Acronis (pay) or Paragon Backup (free - they've modified the free version in the last 2 years so I dunno if it can still do this). Worst case you can boot off a Linux live CD and use dd. Once it's copied to the 240 GB drive, simply increase the size of the boot partition to fill the entire drive.
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