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HI i am looking to replace my current mobo which is H-I41-uATX (Eton) link from my system with view i want to replace this board because i am looking overclock my dual cora e5400 processor and get a new video card. So can anybody recommend a replacement for this board that would allow me to oc my cpu from bios?
And as well maybe somebody knows any good value cases with 2 120mm fans ?
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  1. I don't recommend you change motherboards just to overclock. You'll need a new windows coa and dvd for any non HP motherboard. The original windows installation has a small bios file that ID's the board as Hp so windows will load. I tried this once with a similar hp board and it doesn't load windows. Your cpu won't even overclock well enough to justify the $$ spent. I recommend you go into security and create a windows DVD from the original restore point and wipe your drive. Then do a fresh install of windows and sell your system intact. New pc's either come with windows 8 or offer an upgrade for $15. Black friday will have some systems for under $400 with faster cpus than your old one. Or you can build your own with a newegg shellshocker special that includes everything but the operating system. Those shellshocker combos run from $200-500 (windows 8 is about $90 on sale).
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