Freezes at BIOS splash screen or after an hour of after being on?

HI everybody!

I have an interesting problem (at least interesting to me) that my friend proposed to me today. He called me a little bit ago for some troubleshooting help with his desktop. I don't know all the specs but i know he has Vista 64 bit ultimate installed. I will post more about his desktop later when i get it out of him.

The problem is: His desktop will freeze at the bios splash screen/motherboard model splash screen. BUT he can turn it off and on a couple times (like 3- 6) and it will continue past the splash screen and boot all the way to the desktop and work fine. He also says that sometimes after about an hour of working fine it will freeze and he will have to go through the same process to get it to boot too the desktop. ALSO hes says it doesn't always freeze after he gets to the desktop. If he can get past an hour of it working fine, it continues to works fine(like 3 days on one test) until he turns it off and has to turn it on again. I believe according to him the initial freeze at splash screen happens more often than the hour on freeze. (not sure if this helps but i thought it was important.)

He has been dealing with this issue for about a month. His build was completely fine before that month (he has probably had the computer for more than a year now). I asked him of anything new installed before that month and he can not recall anything software or hardware wise. All his drivers are up to date. A couple days ago he reformatted his harddrive and reinstalled everything fresh to try and fix the problem but to no avail. He continues to have this not serious problem but annoying one.

At the time of the call he said his board had a CMOS reset button on it and that he was gonna try that. I also suggested looking into flashing the bios to the most recent version. Upon looking around for somewhat similar issues but nothing exactly like his problem, i was thinking that maybe it could be his CMOS battery going bad. Also found some suggestions of the power supply not providing proper power but i would think that it just wouldn't be working at all with that issue.

So i haven't had a chance to really look at his Desktop yet but i thought i would start this thread already to get some suggestions coming my way. I'll try and get the specs up soon. Thanks
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  1. try cleaning the ram
    or trying one ram if he have 2
    and try removing the battery for 5 minutes
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