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Hi, i posted about 1 year 2 months ago about building my new system. I really was going to built kind of like a dream
system. I have saved up all the funds i need. and now that Battlefield 3 is coming out in like 2 weeks. i wanted to ask for advice and see what would be the best parts to get. Thanks

1. Monitor, i really would like a 27" 120hz monitor. i been researching and i think this is the best one i can find. it says its 120hz and 3D , but wanted to know if you guys thing theres a better one just around the corner or a better
one out right now.

2. Intel Cpu, i read about strong rumors about the i7 2700k coming out this Oct. 24, i dont see any for example i9's
coming out soon.

3. Hard Drive , really wanted something with alot of memory, i know the new state kinds are very fast , but wanted a Sata/600

4. Video Card, are Ati HD7000 coming out ? maybe at end of year, but just entry levels cards at first. Maybe a Ati HD6970

5. Bluray Drive, might just be the Plextor 12X Bluray burner

6. Motherboard, havent done any research on it . was thinking of having like 24GB of Ram.

7. Want to thank you guys for your Expertiece. You Guys are Very Knowledgable , and True Experts.
Thank You, Thank You.

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  1. Where are you located and whats your budget? 27 inch monitor is a lot of real estate. You'd be better off downsizing to 24 for a better quality monitor and using the leftover on CPU/Mobo/GPU spending.

    How could you possibly use all 24GB's of RAM?
  2. Let us know what your budget is or what you saved up, this way we can make the appropriate recommendations.
  3. hi, maybe 2,000 or 3,000
  4. Perhaps if you do the Toms build then you can fit in that 3d monitor too...,3031.html
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    For #3, did you mean you want a mechanical harddrive with sata 600mbs?

    Watch the video here,3023-12.html and read the whole review. I'm sure you'll change your mind about ssd.
  6. Dang, its like you have a Intel i100 , 500gb for about $800 , i do want one, but i think ill enjoy a regular sata until they come down in price more. then ill just back up everything to my slave drive and install one of those ssd. I never seen them in action, and that one wasnt even their fastes kind.
  7. Yep. That video was with them opening 4 programs at the same time. I forgot which ones, i think big pic file on photoshop, powerpoint, ie9 and one more. Also they tested that windows boots in 7.9secs compared to 17.5 secs for a hdd.

    Also, if you read the review, you can see that the max speed they got from the hdd was ~150-160mbs. Sata II (the older one) is capable of 300mbs. Sata III is 600mbs. Since a hard drive can't even max out sata II, i don't see a reason for spending extra money getting a sataIII harddrive.
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