Is better the g840 or Athlon II X2 250 / Athlon II X3 450?

Well, i have the option to take some of three cpus with their respectives motherboards but i dont know which of three is better, someone can help me deciding? I will use the future pc for basic things, hd films, old games, msn, photoshop, etc... I want to know too which of three have most lower temps.

Future pc would:
CPU Any of some three
HDD 500gbs SATA
Motherboard Gugabyte h61m-s2
HD 5870

Thx and sorry for my bad english
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  1. The G840 and X3 450 are about the same. The X2 250 is well behind. Here is a handy chart for future reference.,3077-5.html
  2. I would say the G840 will demolish either of those in both everyday applications and games.
    I would suggest using the anandtech benchmark to do a comparison (I would link it to you but mine seems not to be working)
  3. So g840 is better than both athlons?
  4. khrystiano said:
    So g840 is better than both athlons?

    In short - Yes.

    In long - Yeeeeesssss.

    @tlmck - Yeah, thats what I mean xD
  5. The numbers look more impressive than they actually are. In real world usage, it would be difficult to tell the difference. If you go to Passmark or Futuremark, they are not really that far apart. Overall, I would say which ever one you could get at less cost would be the better choice.
  6. Also, the Intel mobo would allow you to upgrade to a MUCH better processor in the future.
  7. I was buy the g840, i hope dont have taken a mistake
  8. They are good chips. You will be fine.
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