Does the z77 extreme4 have a cpu power connector?

I looked EVERYWHERE. I looked manual and nothing. I only ask cause I don't fry my system by plugging in the wrong thing to the wrong spot.
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  1. Yes it has, top of the board. a 8-pin connector.
  2. that's the ATX 12v, I thought they were different things? The video I'm using directs to both at 3:33 min.
  3. thats right ....8 pin top left of the board
  4. ok thank you both so I don't double 4 pin cable?
  5. Can't see "both". In the video there's a 4-pin EATX connector, but your board has a 8-pin connector. Some PSus have a 8-pin connector that can be separated in 2 4-pin connectors. It's good to attach both of them, if that's the case.
  6. I do have the 8 pin as well as 8 split into 4 pin
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    Then connect the 8-pin and that's all. Make sure it's the EATX and not the PCIe connector.
  8. thanks very much appreciated
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