Which mobo to choose for FM2?

Hi, i'm currently in process of setting up new PC, and i want to use ascrock mobo with fm2 slot. My current choice is A75-DGS, but i have my doubts because this mobo has 6 sata connectors. I think this is a bit excessive, because i don't need that much, and i can't help but thinking that i may be overpaying for that. So I'm wondering if there is some simpler alternative mobo(maybe not even asrock) that will be good for FM2 processor?
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    The thing with the FM2 socket mobos is that they offer A LOT of extra features like the added sata ports to make up for performance and the price you pay.

    I currently have a Sapphire pure platinum A75 board for my HTPC build.
    If you do not wish to go for this extensive setup, go for a cheaper chipset for the FM2 socket. The A55, but to be honest at the price difference is so little you may as well go for A75(allows overclocking for example) or even the A85X chipset.
  2. So, hello, i have a follow up question.
    I think i'm set on tis mobo:
    But i can;t figure out will i be able to hook up my IDE disk drive to it? Is it IDE slot on the down left side little above corner?
    OR do i need to buy sata disk drive now>?
  3. There are VERY few modern boards with IDE headers/controllers. That one does not have at all either. I doubt you would find one.

    It is high time you move on to sata anyway.
  4. Whats the purpose of A85 boards? Because to me, it seems A75 boards have everything modern user could need at a reasonable price. In which case paying more for A85 board is justified?
  5. A85X is kinda pointless in my opinion, it supports Crossfire and Slightly better overclocking. Atleast that is the idea... But Xfire on a APU system is stupid and most OC on the APU are not limited by the board but by the CPU so yeah...

    Stick to A75.
  6. Great! Thanks!
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