Good Motherboard for i3-3220

Can anybody tell me a good motherboard that will go well with my i3-3220 Processor?
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  1. In general ASUS & Gigabyte but other than that what's the purpose of your build?
  2. Gaming and editing. can you give me a recommendation?
  3. if you are using or going to use a single graphics card solution and need just one SATA 6Gbs port (for an SSD); a B75 chipset from the above mentioned manufacturers are a good "budget solution"
  4. Can you recommend exact motherboards with links please?
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    Couple of examples:
    $108 (Basic/single GPU) ASUS P8H77-V LE -
    $115 (Basic/SLI & CF multiple GPUs) ASUS P8Z77-V LK -

    Very basic, as mentioned B75 (no SSD Caching):
    $55 MSI B75MA-E33 -

    Very basic, as mentioned H77 (supports Intel SRT SSD Caching):
    $88 MSI H77MA-G43 -
  6. ASRock B75 PRO3 $74.99
    B75 Pro3 <-- full specs

    ASUS P8B75-V $89.99
    P8B75-V <-- specs

    i picked those two because they are full sized ATX motherboards and i favor those because they are easier to work on if my stubby fingers.

    the difference is the ASrock has 3 SATA 6Gbs ports - two of them are a third party chip and would not be able to be "bootable" for an OS. but you need only one for that.

    the ASUS has lucidMVP that can help use the intel HD 2500 on the i3 for use in quick sync and a slightly better frame rate in some games.

    there are quite a few cheaper motherboard but i didn't suggest those because they are micoATX and i explained why i avoid them. it may not matter to you, here is a sorted list on pcpartpicker
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  8. Anonymous said:
    the difference is the ASrock has 3 SATA 6Gbs ports - two of them are a third party chip and would not be able to be "bootable" for an OS.

    Extra controllers can be booted from if the boot ROM or BIOS extension to support it is enabled but this may require supplying the extra drivers during OS install so the OS can access itself after disk IO gets handed off from BIOS to OS control.

    More complicated but usually doable.
  9. Hmm...not always, quite more often than not third-party SATA chipsets are not bootable, and the only way to know is to either read the specs or if needed the manual. 'Typically' ASUS does a good job listing this if applicable problem, but in the vast majority of uses I highly recommend using only the native chipset per MOBO, and in the case of any LGA 1155 the Intel SATA ports for your boot drive(s).
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