South bridge drivers won't install on Windows 7


I just built desktop with ASUS M4A78 Plus mobo and was getting BSODs constantly using windows 7 64-bit. I just installed XP 32-bit and ti's running fine. One thing I noticed is on XP the south bridge drivers installed but on Windows 7 whenever I tried to install them using catalyst manager or driver from ATI's site it would not install. It would attempt to install the north bridge drivers which the log would say successful but catalyst manger would always say they weren't installed.

Has anyone experienced this problem or now a fix for it?
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  1. Anyone experienced similar problem or know where to get the driver without using catalyst?
  2. Are you sure you need to install the drivers on Win7? Win7 already contains drivers for most newer hardware. The catalyst manager may well not recognize the Windows drivers if they're newer than it is, but that doesn't mean they won't work.

    The acid test is whether your south bridge I/O ports (USB, network, etc.) ports work. If they do, you may have nothing to worry about.
  3. At this time i have the same problem :(
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