Which GPU?

bought all of my other parts other than the gpu
narrowed it down by the 580 vs 6970..no surprise of course.

in the future i would like to have a dual gpu set up for games in about 2 years, still 1 monitor set up so not really considered with some absurd resolution

sli'ing(sp?) 2 580 GTX Lightnings is about $1200

crossfiring 2 PowerColor 6970s is about $700

at the end of the day which one do you think would last me the longest as well as provide the fps per $$$??

I know 580's provide more performance but is that boost really worth another $500 when i want dual???

in case this matters, the specs of the rig i'm building -

i5 2500k
900W Antec

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  1. also i should mention this build is pretty much just made for gaming, very little editing program use
  2. There is no intelligent reason to choose one card over the other. Oh sure, people here will tell you 1 more FPS on this card, $20 less on that card, 3d on one, 6 monitors on the other.

    Im kinda hoping that you read some of the articles on this site and if you did, go stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself what do you really want? Then go buy that card.

    But if you cant decide, then send me the money and I will buy you a card and send it back.

  3. It's actually about 30FPS gain on average with a GTX580 SLI over a 6970 Crossfire.Usually I would say theirs no point in spending the extra money on a GTX580 because if your already getting over 60FPS why need more.But since you plan on getting the 2nd card in 2 years it would probably be best to go with the GTX580 so that it will last you longer.Also the prices for a GTX580 in 2 years will probably be very cheap considering what price GPU's are today that were released 2 years ago.
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