Noob ?: Just upgraded my I need this driver disk?

Ok I feel kinda ridiculous...but I got my AM3+ running after a half-day build. Its only my 2nd build and that last time was a long time ago...and I dont remember it coming with a CD.

What am I supposed to do with the disk that came with my new mobo?:

I havent even gone into the BIOS yet. Looking forward to getting to know UEFI and expanding my OC'ing capabilities.

Thanks......sorry for the NOOB question!! :sweat:
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    Check windows device manager for any marks next to a device. It means the driver for it didn't install properly. If you don't find any marks, then you don't need to use the cd for anything except utilities. I don't recommend biostar utility programs; most I tried didn't work properly. Save the driver disk in case you sell the board someday.
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