Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H pcie x16 problems.

Hello, i am having some strange problems with my new gigabyte ga-z77-ds3h rev 1.1 and xfx radeon hd 7770. the card works just fine when it wants too. for the first few ours it was fine and after updates and restarting after installing various programs/updates the card has no video output sometimes after a restart. i have to change things in the bios and then restart again after un plugging the monitors and it comes back on. when i first started to notice similar problems my previous card that i returned because it would only work in the x4 pcie slot, would not even show up in the x16 slot. so i updated to the newest bios and still nothing happend. i returned it and got a new xfx 7770 changed the bios settings for pcie gen to gen 3 and the card worked. so now i have downgraded the bios to F8 from F9 and its working as of now so my question is what is going on i dont know a better way to describe it.
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  1. try loading bios default setting and removing the battery of motherboard
    cleaning the whole case from dust
    try downloading sensor view to check the temp of pc parts
  2. Thanks for the tip, i should have updated this a while ago. Turns out it was a defective motherboard and defective 7770. It was new so i was hoping that it would be defective but it was. Got a replacement and havent had any problems since.
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    ok you are welcome
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