Is my GPU too good for my RAM's frequency or is my mobo too old?

So I upgraded my gpu 2 weeks ago, and I've been getting crashes with black screen and sound looping. I have thought that my gpu might just be too powerfull for the super-low frequency of my RAM but it could be my old mobo instead. Could you guys help me in this matter? Here's my specs:

GPU: Gigabyte HD 6770 1Gb VRAM
RAM: 2gb 333mhz DDR2
Motherboard: Asrock 945gcm-s

Thanks in advance!
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  1. What is the wattage of your power supply?
  2. I'll give the full model:

    Thermaltake Tr2 500W
  3. What processor are you using?
  4. It's a Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80 Ghz overclocked @ 3.09Ghz. Also I forgot to mention this only happens when playing games. Even old ones like half-life 2.
  5. is it overheating?
  6. Nope, none of them gets near overeheating while playing games. Not even with Skyrim. The Card doesn't get past 60°C and the cpu doesn't get past 42° C. Also tried underclocking the cpu to default speed and didn't work. The crash doesn't have a period of time. It sometimes happens after 15 min of gaming, and sometimes I can play all day without crashes. Also checked my pc for malware and didn't find a thing.
  7. Have you tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling?
  8. Well, kinda. I updated the driver yesterday and it didn't work. I forgot to erase the previous one before installing, is that a bad thing? of course the crash was happening before the update that isn't the reason.
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    try removing all display drivers in ur device manager and restart then reinstall it , if it still does teh same do a stress test and run memtest on ur rams...also check ur hard disk and ur sata cables....
  10. Ok. What do you mean about checking the hard disk? You mean checking if the cables are put?
  11. Done. Checked cables, uninstalled and updated to Beta drivers. Been playing for over 4 hours and haven't had any crashes. It seems like it got fixed! Thanks guys!

    Edit: Forgot to mention... A cable was a little bit out of place wich might have been the cause of all this.
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  13. EduarGmez15 said:
    Ok. What do you mean about checking the hard disk? You mean checking if the cables are put?

    by checking the harddisk i meant testing it to see wether its going bad or not
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