Heat sink assembly for core i7 720 laptop

i am using a dell studio 1558 with core i7 720...it gets dam hot...n nw my stock fan is not functioning properly...the laptop shuts down by itself after reaching abt 100 degrees...can any1suggest me a proper heat sink assembly...
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  1. Laptop heatsinks are generaly not something you can change/upgrade with laptops, never heard of it myself apart from replacments.

    First thing you need to do is open your laptop and clean it of dust. Number one problem with Fan/Heatsink combo's is DUST! So clean that out 1st and also try re-applying some thermal past, Arctic Silver 5 is good. Then see what temps you are getting, if they are still high, I would suggest a possibly problem with the laptop and would look at getting it returned, any warranty left on it?

    My advise for the future is, STAY AWAY FROM DELL PRODUCTS!
  2. If your fan is not functioning properly you will need a new fan. Most likely have to contact dell for that (although im sure you could ebay it...). A non functioning fan can definately make your laptop overheat.

    Also if you do take apart your laptop....make sure to re-apply thermal paste between your processor and heatsink.
  3. You would probably be better off trying to find it on Ebay. With Dells record of having the worst customer service I wouldn't waste my time. You can call them and try to get a replacement but you'll probably be on the phone for four to five hours and after all that they still won't accept the warranty.
  4. eBay for sure! Don't even bother with Dell for replacments!
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